!NEW! The first Holiday home with ski-preparation room! NEW!

Now you can take your skis service into your own hands and moreover very easy!

A special device was constructed that allows you to grind the edges of your skis perfectly.
That sounds yet unspectacular. The highlight of the device is that when the skis are clamped,
you always grind the edges at the perfect angle of 87 degrees!
For this a total of 3 numbered grinding jaws are available with number 1 has the coarsest and the finest grinder is number 3.
In addition to edging of course you can also grow your skis. But there are a simple but ingenious clamping device available,
allowing you to comfortably grow your skis.

The ski-preparation room is located in the basement and is easily accessible. For a large picture click on the small pictures.



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